This mod is designed to Disassemble items into particles, and Assemble other items with said particles.

Discovery is a feature where it tracks the items disassembled, also discovering the items is required to be able to re-assemble them.

Discovery might be a fun way to get the full experience of the game, by discovering all the items available.

Also crafted items, smelted items and cooked items, yield more particles than the respective raw materials.

Note: One can hold down the shift key to disassemble and assemble a whole stack of items.

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Particle Storage
Particles gained from disassembling items are stored in a virrtual storage, the amount of particles can be viewed bu opening any of the Disassembler, Assembler and Converter interfaces.
There are 4 tiers of particles, Nature, Food, Metal and Gem particles.

Basic Items
The following items can only be obtained as mob drops. They are required to construct the Dissasembler, Assembler and Converter blocks.
Quantum Core
Quantum Transmitter
Quantum Reciever

Compact Items

Quantum Knowledge
This item can only be obtained by assembling it with an Assembler. It is used to smith compact versions of the Quantum core, transmitter and reciever. It is also use to repair the quantum tools, which are found in the special category in the assembler interface.
Compact Core
Compact Transmitter
Compact Reciever

These are used to disassemble items into particles.
Disassembler Block
Portable Disassembler

These are used to create items from particles.
Assembler Block
Portable Assembler

This are used to convert from one particle type to either a higher or a lower tier particle.
Converter Block
Portable Converter

Special Tools Repair
The special tools can be repaired using a Quantum Knowledge item, found the special category window in the assembler interface